VaporizerBlog’s Herbalizer Vaporizer Review – Why It’s The Best Portable Herbal Vaporizer?

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – August 17th, 2014 /PressCable/

VaporizerBlog released their new review of Herbalizer Vaporizer.

This review reveals that the Herbalizer Vaporizer really delivers precision and constancy of the Herbalizer's heat. This vaporizer is equipped with proprietary software, that will ensure to rapidly toggle the heating lamp on and off the moment the device detects that the heating temperature is required to go up or down. Inside there is a dedicated fan in order to distribute this extra heat quickly and evenly the moment this happens. The device is very accurate. The custom-built thermocouple has a rated accuracy of 0.1% and drift of less than 0.1 F per year. This means that this vaporizer is even more accurate than the best medical vaporizer on the market so far – the Volcano Vaporizer. This Herbalizer beats this Volcano by far and not only on this front, by the way. There are many other reasons why this vaporizer is better for medical patients and herbal remedy lovers.

The review also shows that the Herbalizer Vaporizer can help produce the purest vapor as all materials are of medical grade combined with the above mentioned heating benefits; It is build to provide the user with the best possible vaporizing experience. Medical users need to have have the cleanest vapor in order to safeguard their fragile health. These users are only looking for the active ingredients of any herb. Combustion will include toxins. Therefore the temperature control and the filtering capabilities are essential. Until now, the Volcano Vaporizer didn't really have a competitor. But now, this vaporizer is even surpassing the Volcano Vaporizer.

Janet Fox (publisher of says there are many people considering buying the Herbalizer Vaporizer. It is not very surprisingly as the producers of the Herbalizer have invested more than 4 years in order to make this the best vaporizer on the market. This has created a lot of buzz around the long list of benefits this vaporizer is providing.

Here is her latest Herbalizer video:

The latest review of gives an objective analysis of how well the Herbalizer Vaporizer actually delivers and will show you many other insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.

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