Vancouver, Wa. Carpet Cleaning Company Announces New Tool For Carpet Cleaning

Linton's Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington announces the use of the Rotovac360i Rotary Jet Extractor for their carpet cleaning clients. The Rotovac allows for better cleaning of heavily soiled residential and commercial carpets.

Linton’s Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington has announced a new tool to it’s carpet cleaning arsenal called the Rotovac360i. According to Linton Becker, owner of Linton’s Carpet Cleaning, the Rotovac360i offers some advantages traditional cleaning tools do not offer. “The key with the Rotovac360i carpet cleaning tool is the amount of cleaning passes it makes a minute compared to the standard carpet cleaning wand. The 360i makes over 500 cleaning passes a minute compared to a wand that makes about 50 cleaning passes a minute. This leads to much more thorough cleaning and far less fatigue for the cleaner because there is a lot less effort to clean with the 360i compared to a wand”, stated Becker.

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The advantage to cleaning with a rotary tool like the 360i is better cleaning, less operator fatigue, and in many cases faster cleaning which makes the client happier.

According to Becker where the Rotovac360i really shines is in the ability to clean heavily soiled residential and commercial carpets with ease. “Carpets that are lightly soiled really don’t need something like the Rotovac360i. But on those heavily soiled carpets the ability of the Rotovac360i to rapidly and thoroughly clean is unmatched. With over 500 separate wet and dry cleaning passes a minute there is not much we cannot clean effectively”, said Becker.

Linton’s Carpet Cleaning will use the Rotovac360i on most, but not all, carpet cleaning jobs, whether they are residential or commercial. There will be occasions, according to Becker, that some oriental area rugs will also be cleaned with the 360i, but in most cases Linton’s Carpet Cleaning will use the Rotovac on commercial and residential carpets. Becker also notes there will not be a change in price for using the Rotovac360i on a clients carpets. Becker believes the client should receive the best cleaning possible no matter what tools are being used. The Rotovac360i is just another tool in their carpet cleaning arsenal.

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