Vancouver Soundproofing & Residential & Commercial Acoustic Control Announced

Hush City Soundproofing announce their updated services for the local areas of Vancouver and Langley, BC. For homes, offices, home gyms, home theatres, and recording studios, they offer high-quality soundproofing and noise reduction services.

Hush City Soundproofing announce the updating of their soundproofing services for local customers in Vancouver and Langley British Columbia. They offer their services to all parts of Western Canada and have installation services in Calgary and Vancouver.

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Noise and sound reduction and sound masking are increasingly becoming a requirement in homes and offices across the world. Increased levels of traffic and population density results in an alarming increase in noise levels that can prove disturbing and distressing to human health. Hush City Soundproofing is launching services including soundproof walls, ceilings, and floors to combat this situation.

Hush City Soundproofing is Vancouver’s premier soundproofing company and offers exclusive products and services. Whether the requirement is just a room or an entire home or building, they have the materials and expertise to provide quality services that are professionally installed. Their effective solutions are designed to exceed customer expectations and provide the highest quality.

Their experts understand individual sound control requirements and provide information that enables the customer to make informed decisions. In addition to residential and commercial soundproofing, Hush City Soundproofing is able to build or modify recording studios, with noise reduction and excellent acoustics. They use acoustic panels made of foam or wood to provide the best results in sound reduction and isolation.

Their passion is to provide customers with living and working environments that are acoustically comfortable. Their processes are able to reduce excessive external noise to a level that is only slightly louder than raindrops. In soundproofing walls and ceilings, Hush City Soundproofing uses green glue which is environmentally friendly and extensively lab-tested to provide a high performing and economical solution.

The firm also serves cities near Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Whistler, Nanaimo, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Surrey. For more information visit their website given above or call them on +1-855-526-2615.

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