Vancouver SEO Consulting Service Releases Free SEO Audit Report Tool

Slavtech Marketing Inc. has today released a new feature that provides insight into websites' SEO titled "Free SEO Audit Report Tool". For those interested in generating the report at no cost, the tool is currently available at

Slavtech Marketing Inc. has today released a new feature titled: “Free SEO Audit Report Tool”. The main aim of the tool is to generate a report that helps business owners identify problems that can negatively impact their sites’ rankings in the major search engines. It also aims to provide the list of necessary actions or steps that are required to fix the identified problems.

This feature has been made openly available and at no charge by Slavtech Marketing Inc. It’s is accessible to small business owners and anyone with an interest in gaining more insight into their website’s SEO.

This comprehensive feature has been released with a specific focus on local business owners. The management at Slavtech Marketing Inc. believes that the new SEO audit tool will enable business owners to quickly discover neglected ranking factors that can be improved.

When asked about why they released the SEO audit report generating tool at this time, Slav Mandic, owner of Slavtech Marketing Inc. commented: “A full in-depth SEO report will be of great benefit to many website owners. Through greater insight into SEO ranking factors these site owners can make the necessary changes themselves, or opt for expert marketing companies such as ours to boost their Internet presence.”

Interested parties can generate the report for free, via

Slavtech Marketing Inc., a Vancouver based company, has been providing online marketing services since 2008. It is best known for providing affordable and quality search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services and consultations.

Reflected in this new release, the company strives to remain up-to-date with an ever-evolving industry. This gives them a unique position within the industry to offer market-leading services.

For example, the report tool aims to identify problems that can negatively impact a websites’ ranking in the major search engines, providing valuable information to business owners that will ultimately benefit them if they apply the suggestions. This industry insight simply wouldn’t be possible, or their advice nearly as effective, without the seven years spent in the Search Engine Marketing world so far.

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