Vancouver Limo Service Announces Cheap Halloween Party Bus & Limousine Bookings

Vancouver limo company, Fabulous Limousines responds to anticipated Halloween limo service demand by announcing increased vehicle deployment, on-the-spot credit card booking, and discounts up to 10% for minimum 2 hour bookings. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, Fabulous Limousines announced the beginning of its 2016 Halloween limo service package, which has been in development since this spring. The main aim is to give people piece of mind when booking transportation services this Halloween…but it does so with a difference.

Vick Raj, President at Fabulous Limousines, says: “We wanted to try something new this year. Anyone familiar with Vancouver’s limousine service market will probably have noticed how there is often the public perception that our businesses operate like taxi companies, focusing only on getting customers from point A to point B. This is a problem because people will try and flag our vehicles for a ride around Downtown Vancouver and then get upset when we refuse service because limousine companies are prohibited by law from soliciting passengers. Or another scenario where customers invite additional guests that weren’t part of the initial booking. This is a major safety issue if the vehicle doesn’t have sufficient seating capacity and it also presents liability problems for customers should their guests damage the vehicle. We are aware that some companies like to bend the rules (including undercutting rates) if it means getting extra business but that only deepens the misconception that limousine services work the same way as taxi companies, when there are very distinct differences between the two industries.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Fabulous Limousines will deploy at least 3 additional vehicles downtown, including large party buses and stretch SUVs to cater to the increased transportation demand that historically occurs during major festive occasions – most notably Halloween. While still abiding by Passenger Transportation Board regulations regarding rates and reservations, Fabulous Limousines is allowing credit card bookings on the spot and discounts of up to 10% if booking for a minimum of 2 hours, at least 1 week in advance. This gives customers who pre-plan their night a welcome bonus while not turning down people in genuine need of a safe ride home.

Vick Raj also said “We want to give our customers renewed confidence in Vancouver’s limousine industry by providing the best service and experience we can.” With Fabulous Limousine’s new offer they have a fresh new possibility. “We want them to feel luxurious, like they are totally taken care of and can enjoy a fun, safe Halloween night. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking. Hopefully as a result of this more people will recognize our brand as well as the many positive nuances that define our industry.”

Fabulous Limousines has been in business for for 5 years, being established in 2011. Since the first day it has always aimed to become the best limo rental provider in Metro Vancouver. Their Burnaby based limo service started as a humble one-man-business but quickly grew into a key player in the Lower Mainland market.

This isn’t the first time Fabulous Limousines made an exception to its policies to accommodate guests in special circumstances. In 2014 they made a lovely couple’s day upon receiving their call just days before their dream wedding. The limo company they had booked with months in advance had suddenly cancelled their reservation and none of the other companies they contacted were available for that time. Vick immediately booked them into their new SUV limo and quoted a heavily discounted price bundled with wedding limo decor (which normally requires a minimum of 3 week’s advance notice). That couple has been a regular customer and source of referrals ever since.

It goes to show that when businesses value their customers and provide quality products or services, success won’t be too far away.

The new Halloween limousine special is set to launch October 1, 2016 and run all month long. Guests are reminded to book early to take advantage of the discount. To find out more about Fabulous Limousines visit or call them directly at 778-288-5466.

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