Vancouver Food Preservation Blog Shows How Easy Food Preservation Is was created with the ideas of conserving food and reducing waste in mind. The founder, Karen Miller, aims to educate the community in food preservation practices.

Vancouver, WA, US – Preserving leftover food has been a necessary practice for quite a long time. It is beneficial for many reasons, namely because of how economically friendly it is. Saving food saves money as well as reducing excess waste. Food preservation methods have evolved over time and can be difficult to navigate, but fortunately has all the necessary preservation facts and recommendations at the ready.


Karen Miller is the founder of Food Preserving Guide. Miller aims to educate her readers on the importance of food preservation and the best ways to go about it. Food preservation in general covers a variety of techniques that are based on the food item that is being preserved. Miller has been exploring the different options out there to figure out what options work the best and which to avoid.


As Miller expands upon her research, she spreads the word on the latest practices in a variety of food preservation techniques, including: canning, freezing, drying, sealing, fermenting, smoking, and pickling. Because the art of food preservation is so vast, there is a lot of ground to cover. covers a lot of information on the best methods for food preservation, starting with canning. Canning is suggested to be a good place to begin as it is inexpensive and effective. Miller provides helpful tips on how to start canning and the best ways to safely go about it. Food Preserving Guide organizes their content within different pages based on food preservation type.


Another category that Food Preservation Guide covers is dehydrating, as can be seen at

Miller goes into detail about the best electronic dehydrators that are out there, and what makes them the best. Dehydrating is an ideal way for people to preserve delicious food in a different way, and it is not limited to just meat jerky. Miller analyzes the best dehydrators, providing insight on individual air flows and functionality to determine the best product for potential consumers.


Miller continues to expand upon her website at in order to show how to preserve all types of foods with many types of preservation techniques. Food Preserving Guide proves to readers how helpful it is to have personal control over the preservation process, and continues to expand upon the food preservation techniques that are covered to learn and share as much information as they can.

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