Vancouver Car Services – Scratch Repair Cost Estimate/Comparison Platform Launch

Auto Fix Buddy, a cost-savings tool that instantly connects vehicle owners with local, highly skilled auto repair services, has been launched in Western Canada.

Canadian company Auto Fix Buddy is announcing the launch of its automotive industry crowdsourcing platform that connects vehicle owners in need of a skilled mechanic with dozens of repair shops and garages in their local area. The first of its kind, Auto Fix Buddy is now available to residents in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

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The purpose of the newly launched app is to keep repair prices in check while helping local small businesses promote their services. Vehicle owners and mechanics can sign up for Auto Fix Buddy on their website.

Very few vehicle owners know what to do when their car breaks down. As a result, they can end up paying unjustifiably high prices for the services they need. Auto Fix Buddy, now available to residents in western Canadian provinces, is designed to put drivers in touch with a number of certified repair shops in their area, giving them a choice and keeping pricing competitive as a result.

The app saves time and money for consumers and auto repair shop owners alike. By signing up, consumers will quickly find the local, affordable, and top-quality repair services they urgently need.

Repair shop owners, meanwhile, can save on digital marketing expenses that are otherwise required to run Google ads or rank on the SERPs. Auto Fix Buddy facilitates instant connections between drivers who need auto services and the mechanics who provide those services.

The platform’s landing page is divided into four sections. At the top, two fields prompt consumers to input the make of their automobile and their location to be provided with local qualified mechanics.

The site also has a filtering section where searches can be refined to niche requirements such as electrical, brakes, powertrain, and more. Section three provides a running banner of recommended mechanics, and section four is populated with a large map and location pins drivers can tap to initiate connections.

With the launch of Canada’s Auto Fix Buddy in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary, vehicle owners in urgent need of a mechanic can sign up for instant access to the services they require, and repair shop owners can sign up to enjoy a leveled playing field where prices, services, and reviews hold more weight than a spot in the Google 3-Pack.

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