Vancouver BC Residential Real Estate Team – Sales/Marketing Solutions Launched

B&L Real Estate Group, a new real estate team specializing in sales and marketing solutions, has been launched in Vancouver, BC and is gearing up to become Vancouver's Top Real Estate Team.

A new real estate team called B & L Real Estate Group has just been launched in Vancouver, British Columbia. The experienced agents will use their combined expertise to provide a range of high-quality services for home buyers and sellers across the city.

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This latest announcement will help potential property buyers or sellers in the Vancouver area access personalized real estate services and innovative marketing strategies.

The Vancouver, Canada housing market has seen a significant increase in activity, with total sales increasing by 76% over the last two years. Vancouver’s housing market, in particular, has become especially competitive. In May 2021 alone, sales in the city were 27.7% higher than the month’s 10-year sales average.

B & L responds to these trends by forming a new team of highly experienced real estate agents to meet the demand for services. With over 60 years of combined experience in the field, the real estate group is adept at navigating Vancouver’s competitive housing market.

The group is unique as its agents are also marketing specialists and use the latest marketing trends and technologies to sell a client’s home. By making listings visible to a larger audience, B & L ensures that clients can maximize earnings on the sale of their homes.

B & L serves a variety of different clients, including buyers, sellers, investors, builders, and business alliances, as well as executive clientele such as company CEOs and founders and Presidents. B & L is also experienced in providing discreet real estate services to well-known clientele and public figures.

Prospective clients can request a complimentary home evaluation on the B & L Real Estate Group website.

This latest announcement is in line with the B & L’s commitment to providing clients around Vancouver with quality services to help achieve their real estate goals. Moreover, the agents have developed a strong reputation over the course of their careers for their excellent representation and high level of client service.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are real estate sales and marketing experts with over 60 years of combined experience. We use leading-edge technology and the most powerful marketing solutions on the market to ensure you get the most money possible for your home.”

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