Vancouver BC Residential Geotechnical Engineering – Site Investigation Expanded

Arya Engineering Inc. (+1-604-886-1515) has announced a new service expansion for clients throughout Vancouver, BC. The specialist company offers geotechnical engineering and civil engineering solutions for projects of all sizes.

The expanded service includes the performance of geotechnical investigations for the development and construction of residential properties. This forms a key foundational element in the planning process.

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Industry experts explain that in-depth geotechnical investigations are required on site prior to any building work beginning. Through the expanded service, more clients can benefit from expert testing, risk assessment, and more.

Arya Engineering has years of experience in the field and understands the importance of building a solid planning foundation for any construction project. By connecting with the expert team, Vancouver builders and developers can complete their projects with added peace of mind.

Geotechnical investigation is an important part of the residential construction process. Arya Engineering provides insight into the viability of a site for ongoing construction work.

The professional team will carry out detailed investigations, and if they determine that the site is unsuitable for building work, they can outline the necessary steps to ensure a safer and more robust project.

Developers considering a residential project in Vancouver are encouraged to get in touch with Arya Engineering. An expert analysis of the chosen area can determine contamination hazards, the full history of the site, and the likelihood of enjoying a sustainable future.

The company is headed by Masoud Mohajeri, who has 28 years of experience in the field. His previous work includes over 300 dams, airports, and bridges, and more than 600 residential construction projects.

Along with both civil and geotechnical engineering, the team also provides material testing for clients. Field testing can determine nuclear or electric density, while concrete testing ascertains the compressive strength. Soil testing provides clients with detailed analytics regarding water content and gradation.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about our geotechnical engineering services for your residential project. One of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will be happy to provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your project.”

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