Vancouver BC Healing Arts Massage Profitable Business Training Launched

Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND, founder of Bowen College has launched a business development class designed to teach those in the healing arts to operate a profitable practice.

Bowen College in Vancouver, BC has launched a new course. The course is entitled, “Business Success for Health Professionals” and teaches individuals in the healing arts a system to earn a reliable source of revenue healing others.

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The launch of this course was prompted after research showed that most healers were not geared toward business success. The development of this course, “Business Success for Health Professionals” is aimed at helping bodyworkers and others in the healing arts see how they can continue doing what they love and earn the money they need.

The program teaches those in the healing arts how to attract and retain clients and turn their passion into a profitable practice. It couples the passion for healing others with practical, actionable, and sustainable business practices. It shows bodyworkers how to grow a clinic with integrity and development a loyal following.

This course is for the student or professional who may be looking for support in starting their practice. To be successful as a health professional a degree of business know-how and understanding where one fits is vital. This program teaches young health care workers to do just that: set up, deliver, and develop the personal and professional attitudes necessary for an online and clinic setting.

“The Business Success for Health Professionals” curriculum includes Business Set-up, Introduction to Ethical Considerations, The Practice Abundance System, Boosting Exposure, Content Visibility, and a 1-day online VIP workshop with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND on Building a Client Base.

A recent graduate shared ” Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Dr. Manon is confident and easy to follow & understand. Based on the course content and skills I learned in a very short time, this course has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this course to others. In-depth together with intense hands-on-training has helped me to understand how to run my practice practically. I am excited.”

As this course is launched Dr. Manon Bolliger shares the wealth of her expertise based on years of experience. She teaches students real-world skills that they can apply to their practice and make it profitable.

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