Vancouver BC Company Branding Promotional Cohesive Ad Campaign Guide Launched

A new branding guide has been launched by marketing and promotional experts, Kihada. The Vancouver-based specialists pride themselves on helping clients to optimise their promotion and achieve their growth goals.

A new guide to rebranding has been launched by Kihada, the branding and advertising specialists based in Vancouver, BC. They help clients to navigate the digital space with effective marketing solutions and results-backed advertising strategies.

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The newly launched guide has been designed to help businesses navigate the branding journey more successfully. It highlights that branding a business requires careful mapping, and plotting a course can feel like trying to navigate the Bermuda Triangle.

One of the things that is often missing with businesses as they launch and grow is a consistent and cohesive brand guideline. This defines the company’s voice, look and feel. Additionally, it can become the true north of all marketing material to ensure a unified and effective vision.

As detailed in the newly launched guide, a fully realised vision will include the company’s values, mission, tag lines, colour palette, asset management and more.

Without the right guiding path to follow, a company’s branding strategy runs the risk of going off course. Through utilising a professionally crafted brand guideline, companies are able to journey forward with added confidence and peace of mind.

Kihada is a renowned marketing and advertising specialist with a focus on helping businesses to achieve their branding, promotion and growth goals. They partner with businesses who they know can make a difference, and realise full ad campaigns and brand strategies.

They explain that how a brand’s story is visually interpreted is as important as its people and services. Branding is more than simply a logo – it is how the company presents itself to their audience.

Brand identity is therefore one of the most important considerations for any growing business. Working with a branding specialist is one of the most effective ways of ensuring cohesive and long-lasting success with any campaign.

A spokesperson for the company states: “In an era where your customers are in the drivers seat, we are all about attracting consumers with an open-ended chat, creating real relationships and brand loyalty.”

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