Vancouver BC Bowen First Training Healthcare Practitioner Program Launched

Bowen College, a professional development body and international school for healthcare practitioners has launched the Bowen First™ Training Program. The program enables students to learn new healing techniques.

Bowen College, a professional development body and school for healthcare practitioners has launched, Bowen First Training Programs, a collection of courses which provide professionals with new skills to bring to their clinics.

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The newly launched program provides professionals with the skills and knowledge to increase confidence and professional development. The college says all students need to join the community is two hands and a big heart.

The programs are for practicing health professionals and new health professionals. The launch allows them to add a skill to their practice that optimizes patient healing and learn new skills in a way that fits around their busy lives.

Once enrolled, students will learn the Bowen Technique, a healing method that is designed for patient comfort and can offer pain-free healing. On successful completion of the course, students will become a certified Bowen Technique practitioner.

The curriculum offers flexible learning and allows students to study at their own pace and create their own study schedule while being part of a community. All the programs are delivered through workshops, e-courses and unit quizzes to test students’ knowledge.

The college prides itself on creating an environment of like-minded practitioners, and students are encouraged to bring healing to the community and make a lasting difference.

The online training launch includes several programs, including a foundation program, transition program, transformation program and preparation for certification (CBHT). All the programs help students to establish new clinical practises.

After successful completion of the CBHT course, students will become accredited and approved CEUs. The recently launched programs are accredited by the Independent Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners of Canada and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Bowen College is an international school for dedicated practitioners and a resource for holistic, natural pain relieve for patients, founded by Dr Manon Bolliger, ND. The college delivers several online training programs that help practitioners learn the Bowen Technique and bring new healing methods to their clinics.

Miranda Demierre, ND, a former student, says, “Manon’s extensive clinical experience using the Bowen technique allows for a learning experience that is rich, in-depth and comprehensive.”

For more information on the launch of the college’s online training programs visit the URL above.

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