Vancouver Artisan Candy Store Gourmet Caramelo Rock Range Announced

A Vancouver based confectioner, Wishing Treats, have announced that they create artisan caramel candies. The company use traditional sugar working techniques to create their products.

Wishing Treats have announced that they create a range gourmet caramel candy products. Their range of candies are hand made using vintage techniques in Vancouver.

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Wishing Treats is a caramel studio that was began in 2013 by two friends. Amir Hassan was on a trip to Europe when he was inspired by a caramel artisan who was creating a sugar sculpture. He then invited his friend, Wes Raley a 10 year veteran of candy design, on board and the rest is history.

Their caramel confections don’t quite match the familiar chewy, caramel colored, toffee like candy. This is because in Europe and parts of South America, what some refer to as hard candy or ‘rock’ can also be called ‘caramelo’. Wishing Treats are offering their version of ‘caramelo’ to their customers.

Their team of confectionary artisans turn caramel into edible works of art and can offer custom designed confections to a customer’s exact specifications. They can design artisan candies to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, seasonal celebrations and many more.

They also offer a selection of their hand-made candies in a variety of flavors, colors and mixes. For example they stock bags of banana flavored candies with a little banana design running through the middle.

Wishing Treats also create a Say it With Candy range. For example messages running through the candies includes Thank You, Congrats and Happy B-Day. Parents-to-be and new parents can also offer treats at their gender reveal parties or celebrate a birth with It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl candies.

The sugar experts also offer their fans and customers the ultimate sweet experience by holding private candy making classes. They will lead the class through the process of mixing, forming, pulling and cutting their very own candies.

Those wishing to find out more about Wishing Treats and their range of traditionally crafted artisan candies can visit the website on the link provided above.

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