Valve NFT/Crypto Ban – Steam Coin Crypto For Games Prospects Report Published

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Crypto market specialist NexoFly has announced the publication of its latest report, which examines the implications of a recent ban of blockchain games and NFTs on the popular gaming platform Steam.

With their new report, NexoFly considers the potential outcomes of the ban, such as the financial implications on Steam and its parent company Valve, as well as the likelihood that the company is planning to release its own cryptocurrency.

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As outlined in the recently released report, the publisher explains how the recent ruling from Steam has had a considerable impact on game developers, such as SpacePirate, whose game, “Age of Rust”, was removed from the Steam platform following the ban.

The popularity of items sold and traded on the blockchain has risen drastically in recent times, with new cryptocurrencies and NFTs being released daily. However, with this increase in demand, many existing businesses are looking at how they handle the new technology and their policies regarding them. The new report from NexoFly examines how one of the largest online gaming platforms, Steam, is adjusting to this change.

Within the report, readers are able to get an overview of the current situation from both the developer’s perspective and also that of Steam and the implementation of their ban. As a gaming company, Steam is against having items on its platform that have value in the real world, such as crypto or NFTs, which may disrupt the entertainment factor of the platform.

The report also suggests that, despite the ban, many industry insiders are speculating on the possibility of a “Steam coin” being released in the near future. This would be beneficial in preventing the company from being left behind in the growing NFT gaming market while also giving them control of their own blockchain items.

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