Valuables Cataloging App – Apple/Android Photographic Inventory System Launched

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A new an innovative Android and Apple App, ItemEyes, has been launched, allowing users to create photographic records of their valuables and possessions simplifying asset logging and tracking.

Available for download on both Android and Apple devices, the new application can be used to photograph, tag, and manage catalogs of valuable belongings.

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Maintaining an inventory of possessions is important for many purposes, including both insurance and disposition upon death. The creators of ItemEyes state that the new application is a convenient and easy-to-use solution.

Insurance providers recommend that homeowners take a complete inventory of their home’s contents at least once a year. While many people assume that it is only valuables which need to be recorded, agents suggest that such catalogs should be as thorough as possible.

Indeed, recording details such as the age and condition of an item can be significant when it comes to making a claim. As the new ItemEyes application uses photographic records, much of the information needed to prove a claim is already captured.

Traditionally, people have used written records or spreadsheets when creating an inventory. This process is generally time-consuming and difficult to update. Given the speed with which a photo can be taken, the application now offers a more convenient alternative.

Indeed, ItemEyes allows users to photograph multiple items at once. Individual objects can then be tagged within the image, saving additional time. As an example, an entire wall of pictures could be captured, with descriptions and additional information for each being added later.

Photos can be arranged in the Catalog by location in the house (Great Room, Master Bedroom Dining Room, etc.) or can be arranged by Collections (Art, Wine, Antique Clocks, Jewelry, etc.). You can also create “Private” categories to store items where you might not want to disclose the location. You create your own personalized categories.

In addition to its ease of use, the new solution is also designed to be secure. Double verification is required to access a catalog, preventing the likelihood that third parties can access or alter the information it contains. More than one database is used so the subscribers data is not stored in a way that anyone can attached the address to the cataloged valuables and assets.

Following download, users of ItemEyes are required to set up account details, including name and password. The home screen is initially empty, but will begin to fill up as new photos are added. Locations can then be added, and individual photos cataloged by their position within a home or building.

A satisfied client stated: “My insurance agent recommended ItemEyes, and I am so glad he did. It’s a great app, simple to use, and saves time tagging all of my stuff.”

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Release ID: 89053685