VALENTINA MAMI’s Single (Necesito) Now Available on all major platforms

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Valentina Mami announced the availability of their Single record Release (Necesito) "Necesito " is now extends to Spotify, Itunes all major platforms, and on her website . More information can be found at

Valentína once again showcases her fast paced rapping skills, passionate vocal pipes and detailed song writing

In this extremely rhythmic baile funk beat with fast paced sexy poetic rapping and a thrilling bilingual chorus


is a song about a girls vulnerable need and craving from the one she’s infatuated with. Very detailed and descriptive she paints a picture by spit firing lyrics like

“I like how they melt, your kisses of honey. Stick to me, don’t let go, bite.

She compares her love making to cities when she’s sites:

“ like New York, we don’t turn off the lights, like LA we forget our virtues”

Although head over heels In the second verse she reminds us of her individual power, thats she’s still a fucking queen.

In the second verse she reminds us of her individual power, although head over heels, she’s still the fucking queen.

As well as quoting mexican pop star paulina Rubio’s hit single “mío”

Valentína says “ese hombre es mío dice paulina rubio”

The song ends with a cherry on top feature from singer/songwriter El Green Goblyn (Insta @elgreengoblyn)

Message who made sure to keep the energy hyped up till the end!

Executive Produced by Joseph Hellow

Music Producer Galactik Mind & Furbzz

Mixed Mami & Polaris LLC & Jonatán Loredo

Master Daniel Ovie

Valentina Mami today announced that customers looking to buy their next Single record Release (Necesito) are now able to purchase their own Necesito from Spotify, Itunes all major platforms, and on her website .

The Necesito release marks another Mami brand with a refreshing vibe that will change the game while influence with purpose..”

Joseph Hellow, CFO at Mami LLC, when asked about Necesito said:

“Needs are what we think we want but Necesito is knowing what you want.”

Consumers active in the Music market will be interested to know Necesito is about for filling your true needs and what better way to do so with an amazing apparel brand and custom shoes and makeup.

The word Necesito means I need. Consumers should be pleased with this since To give women the empowerment to make the right choices for their required true needs.

One final piece of information being released, states that the new Single record Release (Necesito) will play a large roll in the Mami brand. To promote a new song and a launch to a new brand focusing on needs for women, and gaining respect to those needs by men through the creative vision through a animated story line. The story board sneak peak is the life of a female artist who is insecure yet when she puts on her special boots she gains the confidence and resources to do anything and perform on any stage to spread her positive message. Later we find out that she doesn’t need the boots and the strength and power is already inside her. . Customers should enjoy this particularly, as To be captured in a musical song for the change in the tides to come.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

Release ID: 89046960