Vacuum Mop Automated Smart Robot for hard floor with Talent Clean

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LEGEE really effectively copes with wet and dry cleaning at once. This not only saves time but also ensures high-quality results.

In recent years robotic vacuum cleaners have firmly established their presence in our households. There are certain capabilities that are expected in consumer minds and models that stand out are at premium in the market. According to the new innovation of the Taiwanese company HOBOT (Home Robot), the new LEGEE-688 should become one of them due to a four-stage cleaning system.

Almost any high-end robot vacuum cleaner is capable of wet cleaning. LEGEE-688 is no exception. The novelty is a separate option for cleaning floors through the standard dry cleaning cycle. So the robot instead of wiping off the stains begins to deliver moistened dust across the floor. This process has been thoroughly studied by HOBOT engineers and deemed as the most effective way to rid hard, non-carpeted surface areas of household resudue such as dust, dirt, hair, and other pollutants.

LEGEE-688 not only solved the problem but also added a mixed cleaning option: the robot simultaneously vacuums and washes the surface. The patented cleaning technique is designated FastBrush. It provides for 4 stages of impact on pollution. The first is the wide nozzle of the vacuum cleaner – it draws in dust and other small particles. Immediately behind it is the first soft cloth, which is responsible for dry wiping of the surface. The next step is to spray the liquid onto the surface through special holes. The intensity of the process and the amount of moisture is automatically adjusted taking into account the floor temperature, as well as the selected cleaning format. According to the manufacturer, this allows in each situation to apply just as much moisture as is required to soften dried dirt and stains. At the same time, water stains do not remain – this should especially please the owners of laminate and other types of floors that do not tolerate excessive moisture well.

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