Vacation Plant Watering Device Spikes Amazon Product Launched

A new plant product has been launched on Amazon by online retailer Bygrop LLC. The Green Toolz plant waterer is an efficient four piece system that allows people to water their plants while away from home.

Bygrop LLC, an online retailer, has launched a new product on Amazon. The Green Toolz plant waterer is a four piece set that allows plant owners to ensure their plants stay hydrated while on vacation and comes with a free plant hanger.

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The Green Toolz plant waterer set is an efficient way for people to ensure their plants are watered while away on business or vacation. The set comprises of four terracotta colored hollow spikes that fix to the opening of most long neck bottles such as a glass wine bottle.

To use this item the plant owner should fill the bottle with water and fix the spike over the bottle opening. Next the bottle should be turned upside down and the spike driven into the soil in the plant pot allowing for continuous irrigation via a slow feed of water through the spike.

The plants will be watered automatically over a period of seven to ten days without the worry of under or over watering them. The design of the stake allows the water to reach the roots easily where it needs to be without damaging the plant and its root system and is also suitable for indoor and outdoor plant pots.

These watering spikes are an ideal gift for avid gardeners and lovers of indoor foliage. This set also comes with a bonus free plant hanger that allows the display of hanging plants within the home. The hanger is made from braided jute rope and is decorated with colorful beads.

The company explains that they stand fully behind their products and offer their customers a no risk 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied then they will give them a full refund.

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