Vacate Tile and Grout Cleaning in Perth – Tenant Move-Out Services Launched

Perth, Australia-based Magic Dry, an award-winning carpet and floor tile cleaning company ((08) 6189 1419), is expanding services to provide move-out cleaning solutions for vacating renters.

Perth, Australia-based carpet, floor tile, and grout cleaning company, Magic Dry, is expanding services to help home, apartment and condo tenants who are planning on leaving their premises get the level of exit cleaning services they require. The multi-award-winning team makes the complex moving-out process convenient and worry-free by ensuring all carpeted and tiled areas are left in spotless condition.

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Professional and award-winning, Magic Dry is helping make the process of moving from one property to another more streamlined and practical with their newly expanded carpet, tile, and grout cleaning services.

The list of exit cleaning requirements for residents moving out of their rental properties is extensive. It can take days to prepare the premises so it meets the criteria outlined in the Tenant’s Guide. The team at Magic Dry have developed a targeted service that renters can turn to for quick, easy, and professional carpet, tile, and grout cleaning.

The Magic Dry professional carpet cleaning service produces exceptional results within two hours. Technicians begin by power vacuuming carpets to remove loose dirt and grime. The deep clean process combines heat agitation with two solutions that dry within hours and leaves the carpet restored and looking like new.

Homes, apartments, and condominiums with tile flooring can be especially difficult for residents to clean and restore. Over time, dirt, liquids, and other materials can settle into the grout, leaving it looking grimy and stained, which often leads to hours of scrubbing with solutions that aren’t designed for this process.

To help renters achieve a thorough tile floor cleaning, the technicians at Magic Dry apply a 5-step process that begins with an alkaline-based pre-spray to lift dirt and stains immediately. The floors are then pressure cleaned so that tiles and grout are left in pristine condition.

A recent customer says, “Magic Dry is amazing. My carpets came up a treat. Clean, fresh and dry within a couple of hours even in winter. Very pleased and would highly recommend it.”

With the expansion of their services to help Perth residents leave their rental properties in the condition that landlords require, the Magic Dry team makes easy work out of an otherwise arduous process.

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