Vacant Property Management Services Available to London Owners

The London Management Company speak to us about their property management service for vacant properties in Central London and Surrey areas.

Imagine the ease of having a loyal team that takes care of your luxury property whenever it’s been left vacant. A team that takes care of all the minute details from deep-cleaning the carpets, to maintaining the AV and AC systems and managing the property’s security. If this sounds appealing then look no further than The London Management Company for all of your vacant property management needs.

The London Management Company is a dedicated and caring team of professionals who take their reputation and trade seriously and they specialize in vacant property management for individuals who own luxury, prime, or even super-prime properties within the Central London and Surrey areas.

TLMC’s services consist of housekeeping, maintenance, and property management services that they offer 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with 365-day assistance available for clients. Your dedicated residence manager (which is like having a personal assistant but for a property!) and all personnel that a client will work with are security cleared and accredited with top insurers.

The London Management Company has a full in-house team of trained staff whose prime responsibilities are to carry out property management-related tasks and housekeeping duties, basically, all the necessary maintenance needed whilst a property is empty.

In addition to regular cleaning from their in-house personnel, they can offer scheduled maintenance visits along with even providing refurbishment or redecorating services. Their housekeeping personnel is constantly on standby for when a client visits their London property and are prepared to ensure that clients’ properties are up to standard and ensure that it is clean, warm, and well-stocked upon arrival.

TLMC tailor their vacant property management services to their clients’ preferences, their experienced property managers begin by assessing a client’s home to paint a bigger picture of what a client specifically requires, after reviewing a client’s needs, they provide a bespoke service that guarantees all areas of a property are managed and maintained consistently and efficiently.

To find out more about The London Management Company and their vacant property management service, or to simply find out more about any other service they offer go through to their website via this link:

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