Uxbridge UK Small Business Mentor Growth Strategy Coaching Programmes Launched

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Business Results Coach has launched mentoring programmes designed to advise small businesses on growth strategies. Programmes are available in West London, including Hayes, Ickenham, Northolt and Ruislip.

Business Results Coach, a business mentoring team servicing Uxbridge, UK, has launched new group-based coaching packages aimed at small businesses. The services also assist companies in West London, including Hayes, Ickenham, Northolt and Ruislip.

For more information see https://businessresultscoach.co.uk/business-coaching.

The new group packages are launched to help small and startup businesses to formulate strategies and targets, providing a platform for success.

Statistics show that there were 5.9 million small businesses, comprised of up to 49 employees, operating in the UK at the start of 2020. As the ongoing pandemic continues to impact the growth and development of small businesses, Business Results Coach provides group coaching sessions and programmes so that companies can build foundations with step-by-step learning processes.

Along with quarterly workshops and webinars, Business Results Coach offers two programmes particularly suited for small and startup businesses.

The GrowthCLUB is a 90-day business plan workshop, helping companies to organise their business and develop tailor-made strategies that drive profits. The variety of businesses that attend creates a learning environment for all, as well as the chance for extended collaboration and networking.

Meanwhile, the ActionCLUB programme provides interactive and activity-based business strategy sessions that focus on a learn by doing approach. Participants can put their newfound plans into practice immediately while providing feedback on the successes and challenges they encounter.

Participants in the programmes can benefit by learning to improve priority-setting, time management, lead generation and conversion skills. They also find out how to create self-sufficient business systems and gain insights into hiring, developing and retaining the most valuable employees.

Business Results Coach provides group and one-on-one mentoring and advising services for small and startup businesses, in addition to established companies. The company website also offers a tool to help businesses establish their Value Business Score, which can be improved with the Value Builder System. The tool can be found at https://businessresultscoach.co.uk/business-value-builder.

“We help you turn time-consuming tasks into processes that can be easily delegated or outsourced,” said a company spokesperson. “We will work with you to write business and personal goals. Together, we’ll enable you to fully plan out your marketing, cash flow, operations, and growth.”

Interested parties are invited to learn more about the range of programmes available with Business Results Coach at the above links. Further, they can find information on scheduled events at https://businessresultscoach.co.uk/events.

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