Uxbridge Local Marketing Referral Business Networking Group Launched

A group of business professionals in Hillingdon, Greater London has launched a weekly networking meet-up to help each other build their professional networks and create business opportunities.

A new networking group is available in the Uxbridge area. Professionals meet weekly in to help both members and guests widen their professional networks and grow their businesses.

More information is available at https://uxbridgenetworking.co.uk

The group, which is called Uxbridge Business Networking, meets every Friday at 6:45 a.m. at Uxbridge Golf Course in Ickenham (UB10 8AQ). More recently, the group has been meeting via Zoom video conferencing owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Guests are allowed to visit without obligation by sending a simple RSVP with their contact and business information.

According to the group, they meet before the working day to informally network, share ideas and opportunities, and run through any new business they helped generate during the prior meeting. They believe that one of the important traits of successful entrepreneurs globally is starting early, which is why the meetings are scheduled early in the morning.

During meet-ups, the group explained that attendees have the opportunity to share something about their individual businesses. They said that it can be an opportunity to train one’s team on how to spot other members who may be in need of one’s services or products.

Further, Uxbridge Business Networking stated that they only have one group member per type of profession. According to the group, this set-up eliminates competition and any awkwardness among members, which is common in other similar networking groups. It also means that members can support other members unconditionally, they explained.

As of this writing, Uxbridge Business Networking is composed of a photographer, a website specialist, a cloud services provider, a lawyer, a funeral director, a financial advisor, an accountant, a locksmith, an interior designer, an architect, a home automation specialist, a builder, a carpenter, and a property inventory specialist.

The group said that they are actively looking to add, amongst other professions, an electrician, a mortgage broker, a printer, a utilities broker, and a plumber or heating engineer to their list of members.

In business, networking refers to the development of contacts typically through social interactions among individuals with a common profession. A 2016 Harvard Business Review article stated that “a mountain of research” has shown that networking is a necessity because it leads to more job and business opportunities.

“Growing a business goes hand in hand with building one’s network of other like-minded individuals who want to see each other succeed,” a group spokesperson said. “In Uxbridge Business Networking, we watch each others’ backs and we have created an environment where internal competition is eliminated and mutual growth is wholeheartedly pursued.”

More information about the group and how to join as a guest or a new member can be found at the above URL.

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