UV Care Develops UV Sanitizing Solutions to Kill Germs, Viruses and Bacteria

The leading provider of UV germicidal products developed handheld, small space and room disinfection systems. UV Care prides itself on supplying non-toxic products.

UV Care has developed Handheld, Small Space and Room Solutions as weapons against viruses on surfaces. There are several products that fall under each solution, but common to all of these is the use of Ultraviolet C light to break down bacteria’s DNA structure and reproduction capability, proving to be effective in disinfection of surfaces and objects.

As a result of the current Corona Pandemic, disinfection has become an even more important part of everyday lives. However, according to a new study, regular use of cleaning sprays can have as much of an impact as on your health as 20 cigarettes a day. Lung function in those who are regularly exposed to these cleaning chemicals declines over time and found an increase of asthma in the same group. Another study showed that children were more likely to experience cognitive and language delays when they were regularly exposed to toxic household chemicals. In our effort to keep ourselves safe, are we are exposing ourselves to another health risk?

Now you can have germ free environment without the toxic effects. UV Care sanitizes and kills harmful germs and bacteria with the use of UV-C Technology. As early as the 1800s, UV-C Light in the form of form of germicidal lamps has been used in hospitals because of their ability to kill pathogens especially those resistant to antibiotics like MRSA and C-Diff. Now UV Care has brought this technology into your homes. UV Care has a wide range of products that specialize in all aspects of UV disinfection. With disinfection rates of about 99.9% and more, UV-C light (ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers) is an effective alternative to chemicals and heat.

Handheld Solutions:

UV Care Handheld Disinfection System is used to easily disinfect harmful viruses on any surface or object that’s within reach. Typical users include individual consumers or businesses to sanitize high touch surfaces and objects. Keys, cell phones, pens, reception desks, grocery carts or door knobs that need to get cleaned frequently benefit from the new UV Care systems. The UV Care Handheld Disinfection System is easy for everyone to use everywhere. The system’s ergonomic design help reduce user fatigue. UV Care Pocket Sterilizer, Deluxe Germ Terminator and Germ Stick are a part of this solution.

Small Space Solutions:

UV Care’s Small Space Solutions is ideal for disinfecting small spaces like closets, cabinets, lockers, boxes and all its contents in just 5-30 minutes. The Multi-Purpose Sterilizer Lite 1 uses UV-C lamps, and highly reflective aluminum to completely surround the object’s surface with UV-C light to effectively and reliably kill viruses and microorganisms on the objects’ surface. It has a sleek design but large interior that can sanitize almost any household item from baby bottles, to makeup brushes, cell phones, kitchen supplies. UV care has even donated some of these machines to hospitals to help our community sterilize N95 masks.

The UV Care Zap comes with an adhesive sticker and can be stuck to toilet bowl lids, closet doors, lockers, cabinets, garbage can lids or flip top boxes. Once the lid is closed, it can sanitize the contents of an enclosed space of up to 10 sq. meters. It contains a safe amount of ozone for deodorizing.

The UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0 disinfection of large objects or multiple smaller objects that can fit in and enclosure of 100 square feet. After placing the objects inside, the user simply closes the door or lid and sets the timer to 2 minutes. To ensure the safety of users, there is a motion sensor that auto shuts off the device when motion is detected.

Room Solutions:

Experts have found that corona viruses, for example, can survive on surfaces for an average of four to five days at room temperature. They float in the air for a few hours before sinking to the ground or other surfaces. Viruses and germs also spread over large surfaces and in the air, where they cannot be eliminated so easily with conventional disinfectants. UV Care has come up with solutions to disinfect most rooms in a very quick and effective manner

UV Care has Air Purifiers that range from 6 to 8 stages of filtration. The 8 stage Air Purifier has a humidifier and an air quality light indicator to show if your indoor air quality is poor, medium or good.

The UV Care Ultra Germ Zapper can effectively sterilize unobstructed surface of up to 592 sq. ft. It is perfect for sterilizing rooms and spaces for homes, offices, schools, clinics, and hospitals. It has an auto-shut off feature and comes with motion detection that prevents the UV lamps from operating when motion is detected.

UV-C light is a proven disinfection method for surfaces

UV-C light, especially wavelengths between 200nm to 280nm, is a proven method for disinfecting surfaces, air and water. UV-C lamps are often referred to as UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI). As early as the 1800s, UV-C Light in the form of form of germicidal lamps has been used in hospitals because of their ability to kill pathogens especially those resistant to antibiotics like MRSA and C-Diff. Now UV Care has brought this technology into your homes.

“Our product brings something new to the home sanitation industry; we have solutions for all your sanitizing needs” said a spokesperson at UV Care. “Unlike other disinfectants that are toxic and unsafe, UV Care gives people the option to clean almost anything, chemical-free.”

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