Utah Lingerie Store, LIFFT, Promises The Perfect Fit

LIFFT, the best lingerie store in Layton, Utah, offers full figured and full cupped women the most beautiful and high quality lingerie, including bras for every occasion, nightwear, shapewear, swimwear, and underwear.

New veteran and woman owned lingerie store, LIFFT, is on a mission to educate and inform women about the importance of a correctly fitting bra.

The Utah lingerie store, that recently opened at Layton Hills Mall, carried out research that found over 90% of women walking through their doors to be wearing the wrong size of bra.

The detrimental effects of an ill-fitted bra have long been noted as the cause of back pain and incorrect posture, and the store’s owner Gabriela Johnson, acknowledges this.

“Here at LIFFT we are committed to providing women with the support they deserve, while remaining stylish” she says.

“We want to ensure women realize the importance of a personalized bra fitting, and to show them the difference that a properly fitting quality piece can bring. Here at LIFFT, we’ve combined this experience of fitting with providing fashionable, stylish pieces that look good and feel great” she adds.

LIFFT has an emphasis on the full cupped and full-figured women, who often struggle to find the perfect fit. Gabriela encourages women in the area to attend the store to discuss their requirements with the experienced, friendly staff.

In addition to bras, LIFFT sells both wired and wireless sports bras, ensuring women remain supported during physical workouts. A range of stylish and practical nursing bras are also available, as well as an enticing collection of comfortable, classy, and eye-catching nightwear.

The store stocks a host of brands including Elomi, Freya, Fantasie, and Goddess, and can personally order pieces on behalf of customers too.

With a commitment to customer service, the new Layton lingerie store offers the lowest possible prices for their brands, and also provides special military, first responder, and teacher promotions.

For more information, please visit the LIFFT lingerie store inside the Layton Hills Mall, or go to www.lifftwear.com today.

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