Utah Ketamine Neuro Therapy Depression PTSD Mood Disorder Clinic Launched

Therapy Reset, a neurotherapy clinic in Ogden UT, has announced the launch of its ketamine infusion treatment services, offering long-term relief from medication-resistant depression and PTSD.

Therapy Reset, a Ketamine neurotherapy clinic in Ogden, Utah, has recently launched its treatment services, using controlled ketamine infusions to alleviate the effects of medication-resistant forms of depression, bipolar, and PTSD.

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The newly launched intravenous ketamine therapy clinic in Utah aims to rebuild neural pathways that have been damaged by mood disorders and trauma and to support long-term relief from a number of conditions including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic pain, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and bipolar.

The expert physicians at Therapy Reset begin the treatment by conducting a full medical examination and consultation to establish how a patient will respond to low doses of ketamine infusions. Recent studies at Yale University have indicated that over half of patients with medication-resistant depression showed a significant decrease in symptoms after 24 hours of using intravenous medicinal ketamine infusions.

The newly launched ketamine therapy differs from conventional antidepressant medications, which alter serotonin and dopamine production in the brain, by working to stimulate neurological growth and improving neural cell communication. While the effects of a single infusion can be immediate and last up to a few weeks, Therapy Reset’s expert team recommend a course of six sessions to maximize the long-term benefits of the treatment.

The ketamine treatments at Therapy Reset are part of their holistic, comprehensive plan for alleviating depression, and are most effective when used in conjunction with other therapies, including CBT and antidepressant medications. Therapy Reset clinic, which can be found at 5333 South 500 East Suite C, Ogden, Utah 84405, offers 0% financing options to support people who need their groundbreaking treatments.

The qualified professionals at the Ogden clinic have over forty years of collective experience in the field and are dedicated to delivering personalized, compassionate care to local patients throughout Utah using low-dose ketamine therapy. The clinic offers private rooms with comfortable luxury lounges to make patients feel safe and relaxed.

During the intravenous treatments, ongoing vital signs monitoring and premium standards of care ensure patients are satisfied with their experience.

More information about how to find the Therapy Reset clinic can be found at goo.gl/maps/q8pSjuepkhj8dVxC7, or by calling +1-385-626-6027.

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