Utah Foot Zoning School of Zone Restoration Expert Course Launched

Northern Utah based Foot Zoning practice, Zone Restoration relaunch their training classes for people wishing to train in Zoning.

Zone Restoration has launched it’s foot zoning Training service in the Lewiston area for clients wishing to learn how to correct the body’s functions using Zoning Techniques.

More Information available at: https://zonerestoration.com

Located in Lewiston, Utah Zone Restoration is run by Jeanne Harold who has over 28 years of experience and has built Zone Restoration upon fundamentals passed directly to her from Dr. Charles Ersdal. Along with foot zoning literally thousands of patients she was one of the first people in the U.S. to train in Zoneology.

Foot zoning is a simple and effective method utilizing the feet’s natural signal system to establish balance, to raise the life energy and to renew the cells in the body. Zoning uses this signal system to reconnect with the etheric blueprint and correct, balance, and renew the body’s entire cell system.

Classes from Zone Restoration updated services do not utilize tools or instruments and follow a highly-developed method where all of the body’s systems are addressed. These systems are balanced individually and in relation to each other.

The relaunched services include a training course for people wishing to learn foot Zoning. The course consists of eight class sessions and a graduation. With two classes each month covering a four and a half month period, one online and the other onsite. Additionally, the course and includes a private detailing foot zone session with the instructor.

Clients of the relaunched services will learn all about the body and its systems and will be given access to tools that aim to help empower clients as a healer, provide them with the highest level of Foot Zoning knowledge and progress through any limiting beliefs. Zone Restoration also offers support through a Zoneology network and gives customers options for continued growth and rejuvenating practices to keep them healthy, strong and happy.

People wishing to learn more can visit the URL above.

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