Utah Drug Alcohol Rehab Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment Service Launched

A dual diagnosis service in Utah that promotes sober living, with residential and outpatient treatments for people with drug and alcohol misuse disorder and a psychiatric or mental health condition, has been launched by the Mountain Peak Recovery rehabilitation center at Spanish Fork.

A drug and alcohol treatment centre in Utah has launched residential and outpatient services for clients presenting with the dual diagnosis of substance misuse disorder and a mental health condition or psychiatric disorder. Mountain Peak Recovery is a rehabilitation center located at Spanish Fork, Utah.

Go to https://www.mountainpeakrecovery.com/dual-diagnosis-utah/ for details.

With the launch of their Dual Diagnosis Utah Residential and Outpatient services, a very complex diagnosis is treated with an intensive and integrated approach to therapy. According to Mountain Peak Recovery, patients facing dual diagnosis statistically have increased rates of relapse, hospitalization, homelessness, and HIV and Hepatitis C infections.

Drug or alcohol abuse can induce symptoms that are similar to mental disorders and this can make it difficult to differentiate between symptoms induced by substance abuse and those from pre-existing mental health conditions. Psychiatric disorders, typically relating to psychosis or depression, can be induced by a history of drug abuse and then persist long after detoxification.

The Dual Diagnosis rehabilitation service launched at Mountain Peak Recovery, Utah, offers the experience and expertise of a well-established rehabilitation service. The accompanying website contains a wealth of information about dual diagnosis and the services offered.

A long report is included with the launch, which provides details on the Utah definition of dual diagnosis used, the relevant residential rehabilitation statistics, the particular combinations of conditions, from Autism Spectrum Disorder, gambling, psychiatric medication impacts, self-medicating, and Dysphoria, that are often present with dual diagnosis cases.

Mountain Peak Recovery, as part of their dual diagnosis services, offer treatments for mood disorders such as depression, bipolar, seasonal affective disorder and mania.

A range of therapeutic techniques and systems are utilized with the launch of the dual diagnosis service, and they may include: neurofeedback therapy, trauma and PTSD therapies, medication therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Schema Therapy, Group Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, art and music therapy, meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

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