Utah Drug Addiction Rehab – Mental Health Outpatient Treatment Clinic Announced

Utah Addiction Centers (+1-801-766-2233) based in Eagle Mountain, UT, announces its outpatient clinic as the final stage of its residential rehabilitation program. Patients can access support groups and get drug screenings at the clinic.

Utah Addiction Centers based in Eagle Mountain, UT, announces the launch of its outpatient clinic facilities. The center offers rehabilitation for patients dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health conditions and addictions.

For more information visit their website at https://utahaddictioncenters.com

With the announcement of its outpatient clinics, this rehab center provides patients with an easy way to meet their recovery needs after they have completed the inpatient treatment program. The clinic has the long-term support that patients require after the first and second stages of the residential treatment program.

Utah Addiction Centers follow the traditional 12-step recovery model, which is divided into three stages. The outpatient clinic is central to the third and final Aftercare stage of the program. Patients are ideally required to spend at least 12 months in aftercare outpatient support to ensure long-term recovery and wellness.

The outpatient clinic offers patients alumni support groups and group sessions at any time. All these are offered at no additional charge for alumni of the center.

At the outpatient clinic, patients can get one-on-one therapy with the primary therapist and drug screenings to ensure accountability.

The primary care or first stage of treatment extends across the initial 30 days. This includes psychological evaluations, awareness development, and a customized plan of action for each patient. It is then followed by the second stage called Extended Care, and the duration of this period varies with each patient’s individual needs. This forms the bridge between residential and outpatient treatment.

Additional information about the clinic is available at https://utahaddictioncenters.com/drug-addiction-mental-illness or https://utahaddictioncenters.com/utah-drug-rehab

Utah Addiction Centers emphasize holistic healing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Such an approach empowers the patient with the tools to take ownership of their recovery. The programs are a combination of medical treatment and psychotherapy.

This rehabilitation center is committed to providing effective multi-disorder residential and outpatient care. Along with treatment, they offer other healing elements such as interventions and fun retreats that help patients solidify their recovery. Their philosophy is that recovery is a journey and, to that end, they prepare their patients for both the setbacks and progress.

For more information, visit https://goo.gl/maps/Wd9qQpoZeBTe7m499 or call them at +1-801-766-2233.

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