Utah Basement Company Now Offering Custom Home Theater & Media Rooms

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Salt Lake City, Utah – The Utah Basement Company (utahbkb.com), a leading provider of not only basement but also kitchens and bathrooms throughout Weber County, Davis County, and Salt Lake County, will be expanding its range of services this holiday season to include home theater, and media room design and installation.

This new range of services is a direct result of former clients for which the Utah Basement company has improved the looks and functionality of their basements, kitchens, and bathrooms asking if they could design and or install a home theater or dedicated media room. As most people know, the lock-down triggered the pandemic has turned many Americans into homebodies. Families who used to frequent movie theaters multiple times a month are now relying on streaming media services for entertainment. With the prices of large 4k flat panels of sizes between 65-inches and 85-inches and projectors so affordable, many families are making a move and considering having their own home theater or media room. Unlike many home theater companies in the Salt Lake City area, which, for the most part, focus only on electronics and rely on other contractors for the building parts of it, the Utah Basement Company is a full-service company.

Utah Basement Company provides free, no-obligation estimates, as well as 2-year service warranty on all of their services. This has been a key to their success and why families so well regard them throughout the state of Utah!

Brad Gill, operation manager at the Utah Basement Company, explained that “many are finding out the hard way that a home theater is more than just going to Best Buy and having some 18-year old kids recommend a package where they make the most commission. Choosing everything from the right size screen to the receiver, the remote, the speakers, and even the color and material of the room is essential.”

The Utah Basement Company (utahbkb.com) is a full-service contractor in business with over 20 years of expertise in construction and remodeling. The Utah Basement Company is renowned as the state’s most trusted and respected basement finishing contractors and interior remodeling company.

“Home theaters and media rooms are nothing new to us. We have been subcontracted to building home theaters and media rooms for years. However, we always seem to have an issue with the choice of equipment used and the way it was set up. By offering this service, the complete setup stops with us, and we are finally able to deliver a home theater with the level of quality our customers have come to expect” added, Brad Gill, operations manager.

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