UT Indoor Shooting Range Installation/Customizable Construction Services Launch

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Spire Ranges (1-800-761-1231) based in Springville, Utah, has updated its services to provide military-grade shooting galleries for commercial, recreational, and private customers.

Spire Ranges specializes in custom-built cutting-edge shooting ranges that make use of advanced technology. With the new announcement, Spire demonstrates how they successfully facilitate the construction of shooting ranges for all situations, including indoor basement ranges for residential clients.

To learn more please visit https://spireranges.com

To increase the efficiency of their client’s live fire training, Spire Ranges has recently created a computer operating system dedicated specifically to develop better shooting practices and tactics. All operating systems come with the option for a user-friendly, wireless tablets which control the features of the range and can be customized individually for each client.

Spire Ranges stays up-to-date on all technical advancements for constructing and operating an indoor shooting range to provide their customers with the most suitable range configuration. Their staff is well educated with decades of real-world, hands-on range experiences as it relates to design, manufacturing and installation.

According to Spire Ranges, three primary lead containment components are paramount when constructing a range. The first is designing and building a suitable bullet trap at the end of the range which safely contains the spent rounds. The second requirement is incorporating overhead safety baffles constructed of armored steel which prevents bullets from escaping the building. A reference list of safety requirements for constructing and operating an indoor shooting range is available at https://spireranges.com/requirements-for-shooting-range

The final component of a safe shooting range is a well-designed HVAC system. This component is often overlooked but is important for keeping lead and smoke particles out of the shooter’s respiratory zone. Indoor shooting ranges without a professionally supplied HVAC system will quickly become an unsafe environment for range occupants.

Spire Ranges can provide consultation for the construction or upgrading of shooting ranges to make sure they are fully compliant with regulations. They also offer complete services that include having their team design, supply, and construct the range from start to finish.

While zoning laws and other requirements vary based on location, the staff at Spire Ranges is well versed in guiding customers through the range building process. Spire’s team has vast experience helping clients to prepare for dealing with city councils and local regulatory officials.

For more information about custom shooting ranges, please visit https://spireranges.com/shooting-range-requirements

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