USPA International Rewards Its Loyal Employee With His Own Security Company

After 11 years with USPA International, the CEO awarded his most loyal employee with an international branch office in New Delhi, India.

The International Security Company, with branch offices spanned across 14 countries and the United States is expected to open in New Delhi next month, as it continues its expansion into new international markets.

In 2009, Jaspreet Luthra walked into a large conference room in New York with more than 100 candidates, vying for an entry level security position with a four-year-old (at the time) security company. Jaspreet was hired by Michael Evans when Evans was the Vice President of Operations for the now multi-national security firm where Evans is currently the CEO.

For 11 years, Jaspreet, a college graduate with a background in hotel management from New Delhi, India worked his way up the ladder, starting as an unarmed guard with USPA International, then armed security guard and eventually landing a supervisory position. In December, Jaspreet gave two-months of notice that he was returning to India to be with his family.

That’s when USPA’s recently appointed Vice President, Sondae Esposito, made the recommendation to think outside-the-box for a severance to USPA’s most loyal employee. Sondae said, “Let’s give him his own branch office and an entire country to operate in.” Evans agreed.

A Branch Office for a country with a population of over 1.3 billion would sell for more than $6.5M with USPA’s current pricing model of $7,500 per 1.5 million population average.

“I’ve said this so many times, only because it’s how I see life… When I stopped asking what’s in it for me, everything I ever wanted has come to fruition” said Evans. “I will always reward the people who stuck by me when I was coming up. Not just when the seas were calm and things were good, but when I was struggling. Jaspreet has given up holidays, weekends and family time to be there for me when he really didn’t have to. During hurricanes, deep freezes and blizzards, he always made it in to work, oftentimes not able to leave for days and made sure our services to our client continued seamlessly. How do I put a value on that?” asked Evans.

When asked about this opportunity, Jaspreet said, “Working for USPA for 11 years was a wonderful experience. In these 11 years, I faced so many challenges and had the opportunity to work with some great people. I am really thankful to my team who always worked efficiently. I want to thank our Administrative Supervisor, Dave Bader, for guiding me whenever I needed his help. Lastly, I want to thank Mike Evans for giving me this opportunity and trusting me. I have no words to describe what a great person he is. I will always cherish those memories and people I am leaving behind.”

USPA International Security of India will open their doors in March, 2020 with Jaspreet Luthra as the CEO. Jaspreet will undergo intensive management training and mentorship by the USPA International management team. The New Delhi office will supervise future offices in India, where Jaspreet will retain ownership. The security firm’s focus will be traditional security guards, close protection officers, secure transport and hotel security.

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