“Using COVID-19 to Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business” Webinar Now Available

Innovolo Ltd held an informative webinar drawing over 700 live participants on "How to use COVID-19 to Jumpstart Innovation in Your Business" and for a limited time, business owners can view the webinar for free.

Business owners globally interested in learning more about the challenges of COVID-19 can view an exclusive webinar on how to use COVID-19 to jumpstart innovation in your business for free on the Innovolo Ltd website: https://innovolo.co.uk/webinar-recording-how-to-use-covid-19-to-jumpstart-innovation-in-your-business.

In addition to answering a vibrant Q&A session about innovation, Innovolo also covered the unique Innovation Value Pyramid during the webinar. One of the most surprising facts explored during the Innovolo presentation is how to leverage your staff, systems and processes, and ultimately, nurturing a culture of innovation to exponentially increase the value of your business which few business owners are aware of.

Presented by Mark Wardell, President of Wardell International and highly acclaimed global business coach, Bradley Pallister, Co-Founder and Operations Director of the Innovolo Group, and Clare Forestier, ex-BBC host and emcee, this unique webinar which drew over 700 live participants on 8th June draws on decades of experience in business growth strategies and innovation.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

Using crises as opportunities – how the crisis by the COVID-19 Coronavirus opens up huge growth opportunities for all businesses

Using the Innovation Value Pyramid to determine your business value – how moving from an owner-driven business to one that engages it people, has the correct processes in place, and nurtures a culture of innovation can exponentially increase the value of the business.

The importance of systematising the innovation efforts in your business with the help of expert external consultants such as Innovolo.

A number of follow-up items:

COVID-19 Ecommerce Trends Infographicoads/2020/04/Covid-Infographic.pdf

Problem Defining Canvas

8 Ways to Innovate Your Business Today Ebook

Discounted Innovation Consultancy Package

For more information and to registrar for free access to the full video, interested business owners can visit the website at https://innovolo.co.uk/webinar-recording-how-to-use-covid-19-to-jumpstart-innovation-in-your-business.

At Innovolo helps their B2B clients to burst through glass ceilings through a thorough, proven product development and strategic goal alignment process called the Innovolation Framework. They also help their Joe Bloggs clients to verify their business ideas, and help them set up in business.

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