Used IT Buyer & Seller GreenTek Solutions announces new website

Used IT buyer and seller company GreenTek Solutions LLC has announced the launch of their new website.

GreenTek Solutions, a global seller and buyer

of used IT equipment, announced today that it has officially launched a corporate identity and website According to Anuar Garcia, GreenTek President and founder, the new website and rebranding represent and align us more with our goals, vision, and industry standards for years to come.

“GreenTek Solutions is a very young company that is growing leaps and bounds every quarter and the website needs to reflect not only the growth but the vision and excellence that GreenTek provides, “Garcia commented. “While buying and selling used IT equipment isn’t sexy, it is important to have an online presence that is constantly evolving, innovating, and pushing for new ways to reach out to consumers. Every year millions of people have seen or used IT products and services and GreenTek wants to keep educating the market.”

Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation, and more information that allows consumers to educate themselves on the used IT equipment industry. The site will also have more images from GreenTek Solutions main products and services offerings such as used Apple, HP, Dell, & IBM IT equipment.

“The new website won’t replace in any way the direct, responsive, and excellent customer service that GreenTek has establish throughout the industry over the last couple of years, Garcia said. “But GreenTek’s mission in launching the new website it to expose and educate consumers that are looking for high quality used IT equipment throughout the US and overseas.”

GreenTek Solutions LLC has clients from New York to Los Angeles and all the way to India. As companies upgrade their used IT equipment very often, GreenTek Solutions LLC gives them an opportunity to cut cost buy buying the excess in used IT equipment and then selling it to other companies and consumers who are looking for high quality used IT equipment at affordable rates.

The new GreenTek website will also provide social media integration and direct links to GreenTek’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst, Instagram, Ebay, and Youtube pages, where more company updates and information will be available.

“We are very excited about what the new website will bring to the table and hope it allows GreenTek Solutions to continue it’s mission at a much larger scale!”

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