Used Car Dealer in Vancouver Showing Others How It’s Done

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As much as people think buying a brand new car is the way to go, it’s not the investment it’s cracked up to be.

A brand new vehicle will lose 20% of its value within the first 12 months, and 10% every year after that. There’s also higher tax on new vehicles, higher insurance rates, and additional exaggerated fees. Many consumers are now asking themselves, ‘why waste that money on brand new when a used car works just as well?’

Innovative car dealerships like Justcar are ready to help people find the perfect vehicle for their needs, without the high pressure sales tactics at a regular dealership. Serving the drivers of the Vancouver area, Justcar is a used car dealer that wants to make one of the biggest purchases of one’s life as easy as possible.

The team at Justcar are dedicated to finding the best used vehicles from Vancouver and beyond so drivers can have a safe, reliable, and good quality vehicle to take them to work, on vacation, and everywhere in between. Along with being less expensive than a brand new vehicle, the cars and trucks available at Justcar are thoroughly inspected to make sure drivers get a safe and reliable ride. Buyers won’t end up with a lemon that has issues just days after driving off the lot, and that’s backed by an unprecedented return policy, something other dealers in Vancouver refuse to offer.

While many view a used car dealer as being ‘out for your money,’ Justcar focuses on making sure people are completely satisfied with their purchase and have options to exchange the vehicle if they’re not. Having a reliable vehicle is important for many people in their daily lives, and Justcar is ready to make that a reality.

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