Use Instagram To Boost Traffic & Improve Brand Recognition Report Launched

Shane Martincik, the Instagram marketing expert, has launched a new report on how business owners can use Instagram to drive more traffic to any source. A webinar on the topic is being provided at his IG Entrepreneur website.

Instagram marketing pioneer Shane Martincik has launched a new report on the benefits of publishing through Instagram and what the social media platform can offer businesses both online and offline. Shane is the founder of two companies, including Pordo, a teaching platform, and IG Entrepreneur, a specialist Instagram marketing course site that showcases how participants can leverage the platform to drive traffic to any source they would like.

More information can be found on the company website at:

Shane knows that visual content is becoming increasingly powerful in today’s online marketplace, and because of this, it’s important for both small and large companies to capitalize on its power. Through communicating visually with their customers, clients and fans, businesses can drive traffic to their homepage, improve their brand recognition, and boost sales.

Instagram has over 150 million users, making it one of the best social media sites for business owners to use as a marketing tool. With over 55 million photos uploaded every day, there is an active and engaged user base to make the most of when trying to boost traffic and improve sales in an online marketplace.

IG Entrepreneur was created by Shane Martincik as a way to help business owners follow in the footsteps of their favorite Instagram accounts by getting more followers and improving their business success. The program teaches users everything they need to know in order to amass a large Instagram following, using methods that Shane has mastered over the course of his career.

As well as this, he promises to teach participants how they can use Instagram as a marketing tool to get an injection of interest, traffic, and social media buzz about any source, regardless of whether it’s an online or offline one. The lessons on growing a business through social media can be applied to companies in any niche, and apply them to the familiar tools of growing and collecting emails and email lists.

Full details can be found on the IG Entrepreneur site, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact email provided, and sign up to a webinar to find out more.

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