USA Substance Abuse Addiction Rehab/Treatment – 24/7 Crisis Hotline Launched

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Utah Addiction Centers (801-766-2233), a mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation facility based in Eagle Mountain, Utah, has expanded its program to include a 24/7 crisis hotline.

The company’s expanded treatment program will help Americans suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The center provides patients with quality personalized outpatient and residential care at half the cost of most private facilities.

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By adding a crisis hotline, the addiction specialist can help patients across the USA. Its comprehensive treatment program combines the traditional 12 step model with other psychotherapy and medical services. The company’s holistic approach focuses on emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, so patients not only kick their habit, but continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Utah Addiction Centers understands that most individuals who abuse drugs have underlying mental health issues. Its staff will customize a “treatment-of-drug-abuse plan” for each patient to resolve their mental health disorders and provide them with the tools they need to successfully live without drugs or alcohol.

The facility offers a range of inpatient mental health and substance abuse rehab solutions. Treatment options include gene therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), neurofeedback, dialectical behavior therapy, meditation, and equine therapy. The center also organizes offsite adventure retreats, so patients can have fun while they are on their road to recovery.

Utah Addiction Centers works with various patients, but specializes in treatment for first responders and military veterans dealing with PTSD. The program includes individual outpatient therapy, recreational therapy, community self-help meetings, psycho-educational sessions, and family therapy for loved ones. To learn more about the company’s “First Responder Residential Trauma-Informed Care Treatment,” readers should visit

Utah Addiction Centers has been helping addicts for nine years. Its staff has over 60 years of professional experience and has helped over 2,500 people conquer addiction. The multi-disorder treatment center offers free evaluations and interventions, and works hard to remove financial barriers to recovery.

A satisfied patient said, “Utah Addiction Centers is an incredible, one-of-a-kind treatment center. They are staffed with friendly, down-to-earth, professional people who have your best interest in mind…I’m grateful they take a whole mental health approach and work on the roots of the problem.”

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