USA – Solar Energy Mortgage Program Revolutionizes Traditional Home Loans

Solenmo, a Colorado clean energy company launched its solar energy mortgage program. The program funds energy upgrades on new or existing homes without taking out a second loan.

Ridgway, CO clean energy company Solenmo announced the launch of a customized solar energy mortgage program (SEMP) for first-time homebuyers nation wide. The clean energy homeownership program includes financing for the home and energy efficiency upgrades such as solar power systems.

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The solar energy mortgage company in Colorado now offers SEMP financing to buyers looking to make energy efficiency improvements to their new homes. Solar energy mortgage programs offer several advantages over traditional mortgage loans by making ownership more affordable and reducing monthly utility costs through the use of renewable energy.

The Solenmo solar energy mortgage program eliminates the need for a separate home improvement loan. Under program guidelines, pre-qualified borrowers can use up to 20 percent of the post-upgrade value of the loan for renovations and repairs without needing an additional home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Solenmo loans give borrowers access to a larger loan amount and more equity on their property based on its upgraded valuation. When a borrower signs the solar energy mortgage contract, the property is inspected and an energy audit is performed. SEMP financing is available for credit scores as low as 550.

Solenmo designs a custom solar energy system based on homeowner requirements before closing. Once the borrower approves the upgrades, the loan closes and licensed contractors from the Solenmo service network install the upgrades. SEMP customers are also eligible for large tax credits for solar energy use.

The Colorado energy-saving home loan company’s SEMP permits basic weatherproofing and home improvements, solar panel installations, water-saving systems, Radon remediation, and battery backup systems. Borrowers may also include high-cost installations such as HVAC systems, air conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing systems as SEMP upgrades.

According to a spokesperson for Solenmo, “We are excited to launch our custom solar energy mortgage program that makes homeownership a reality for those looking to buy and upgrade their energy efficiency systems without the hassle of another loan.”

Solenmo is an energy efficiency homeownership company that takes its name from SOL-ar EN-ergy MO-rtgage. The company offers SEMPs as an alternative to traditional mortgage programs and a reliable way to solar energy ownership without unsecured loans.

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