USA Snow Removal Business Contract Template Consultation Quotation Form Released

The Snow Control Team has released SNOW-TRACTS™, a comprehensive set of snow removal contract templates to help winter property maintenance businesses avoid any potential legal problems.

Snow Control Team has released a new system of snow removal contract templates to help snow management companies protect their businesses from any problems related to winter property maintenance. They are designed after a careful evaluation of existing templates and identifying their shortcomings.

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Snow removal contracts are made between residential or commercial property owners and a snow management contractor, who takes care of their property maintenance during the snowy seasons. Most of these contracts are designed to ensure the service provider delivers their promises on time without exceeding the funds mentioned in the agreement. But snow removal businesses are at risk of losing their businesses due to poorly designed contracts.

Snow Control Team has created a snow contract tool named SNOW-TRACTS to help businesses across the US avoid losing large sums of money on legal fees or liabilities related to snow removal services. These forms are in PDF and word editable formats, which makes them easy to use.

The SNOW-TRACTS Complete System Package includes five templates that can be used for any business model. These templates cover four service structures, including Per Inch, Per Event, Hourly, and Seasonal.

The On-Site Consultation Form makes sure all details, including completion times and levels of service, are taken into account while making on-the-property visits with prospective clients.

The Quick Quotation Form provides a brief representation of pricing so that the customer can decide without going through all the details of the Service Agreement.

The Service Agreement connects all other templates with every necessary detail like prices, completion times, service features and triggers, terms and conditions, and the signature page.

The Sub-contractor Agreement is a form that snow management companies use to transfer all the agreements made with the client to a subcontractor.

The Change in Scope Form is used when a client wants to change the specifications of a previously made agreement. In this form, the client agrees that the business is not responsible for any problems that could happen due to the changes.

“SNOW-TRACTS is by far the best overall package that I’ve seen for snow contract templates. The system covers everything that a snow business needs for presenting quotes, creating client contracts and sub-contractor agreements,” says R. Blase from American Snow and Ice Management. “My favorite agreement is the Change in Scope form because even though we would get changes in writing, there often seemed to be grey areas in discussions about the EXACT changes with our clients.”

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