USA Shooting Ranges – Military Grade Indoor/Outdoor Build Services Launched

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Spire Ranges (+1-800-761-1231) based in Springville, UT has launched complete design, building and installation services for clients interested in indoor or outdoor shooting ranges.

Spire Ranges, based in Springville, UT, announces the launch of its USA-manufactured indoor and outdoor shooting range build services. Spire Ranges manufactures and installs military-grade firing ranges and ensures dependable installations coupled with modern technology and easy-to-use interfaces.

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With the announcement of its home shooting range build services, the company gives home owners a reliable training and entertainment live fire shooting center. Spire Ranges ensures all aspects of range safety are covered so that clients are able to train and shoot in their home range with peace of mind.

Spire Ranges is committed to staying current when it comes to the design / build of both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. This commitment provides maximum safety, control, and training flexibility for their clients. Safety elements at the range include ballistic wall treatments, bullet traps and overhead safety baffles. These containment measures ensure rounds sent downrange are safety stopped.

For indoor ranges, the interior range walls are typically masonry block construction or precast concrete. Spire Ranges covers these walls with either an acoustic or rubber fascia treatment to protect shooters from bullet splatter. The range floors are made of compact reinforced concrete with smooth joints and edges. Concrete floors are sealed with a durable epoxy finish.

Overhead, Spire Ranges installs steel angled baffles to safely redirect errant shots. Spire’s overhead baffles protect light fixtures, ventilation ductwork and the ceiling structure such as joists and trusses. At the end of the range, bullet traps capture the rounds.

According to Spire Ranges, both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges require control stations that can either be located behind the shooters in the range or in a designated control room with good visibility into the range. Security systems, lights, targets, communications systems and HVAC can all be controlled from this area. For more details, please visit

For more information visit or call them at 1-800-761-1231.

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