USA Scuba Diving Gear Shop – Hyperbaric Chamber/Tank Repair Services Launched

Dive Right In Scuba (815-267-8400), a specialist scuba diving retailer and repairer based in the Chicago area, Illinois, has launched a new easy shipping repair service for divers across the USA.

Every year since 2013, Dive Right In Scuba’s drysuit repair shop has serviced more drysuits than the year previous, starting with 618 repairs in 2013 and peaking at 1,975 in 2019. No variety of drysuit is off-limits for this Chicago-area scuba diving gear retailer. In fact, Dive Right In Scuba’s experienced drysuit repair technicians have extensive hands-on experience with:

– Kayak and kiteboarding suits

– Swiftwater suits

– Ice rescue suits

– All brands of drysuits

How Dive Right In Scuba’s Drysuit Repair Service Works

Dive Right In Scuba openly welcomes potential customers’ inquiries at (815) 267-8400. No matter how busy its repair shop gets, patrons can dial this number for their current turnaround time and additional questions. Typically, Dive Right In Scuba’s drysuit repair turnaround is no worse than 14 to 21 business days. The scuba diving gear retailer even offers a front-of-the-line service by which clients can receive rush-order turnarounds for time-sensitive repairs.

Dive Right In Scuba is well-known for inviting divers outside of the greater Chicago area to ship their drysuits to their place of operation, encouraging them to fill out and include the repair form, printing a prefilled shipping label, and sending the leaky drysuit to the company’s Plainfield location. The retailer conveniently lists the prices of more than five dozen repairs on its website.

Diving Regulator and Hyperbaric Chamber Repairs

Repair technicians fully disassemble regulators and buoyancy control devices, replace O-rings and soft seats, and ultrasonically clean metal components before reassembling and performance testing them. Regulator and BCD servicing turnaround time typically ranges from 12 to 15 days, although front-of-line service is available for divers setting out for vacation.

Dive Right In Scuba also services polyurethane and PVC hyperbaric chambers, and replaces their zippers and windows, sews loose seams, and patches up holes.

Scuba Tank Fills — Everything From 21/35 Trimix to Truly One-of-a-Kind Blends

Dive Right In Scuba’s owner, Mike Pederson, takes pride in running one of Illinois’ few scuba dive shops to meet the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers’ stringent regulations for oxygen-compatible air. “We take the liberty to boast about our OCA whenever possible. After all, we’ve got the quarterly IANTD reports to prove it, which are only held by a handful of dive shops throughout the Land of Lincoln,” Pederson says.

Outside of OCA, the scuba gear retailer offers pure helium and argon. The company also sells nitrox in the form of EAN32 premix and aviator breathing oxygen. To stay true to stringent industry standards, divers must present appropriate certification cards for all fills. In addition, cylinders must have up-to-date hydrostatic test stamps and filled visual inspection stickers along with inspectors’ names and contact information.

Dive Right In Scuba does more than just repairs, however. The company also hosts first aid classes, virtual courses, photography equipment, and more. These additional solutions help cement the scuba gear retailer as an expert in all things scuba.

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