USA Remote Engineer Staffing Agency – Overseas Employee Placement Service Launch

Recruit Global Talent launches as a new global outsourcing company for engineering professionals. It believes that American companies should consider global engineering talents in completing their business objectives.

As more companies set up remote teams to practice social distancing, experts have noted a rising trend in recruiting overseas, especially for different types of engineers. To address this sudden demand, Recruit Global Talent recently launched its staffing services for US companies looking for qualified engineering professionals, who can be tapped to work remotely.

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This newly announced service enables local companies to augment their workforce with a licensed and experienced engineer, but without the complexity associated with hiring locally. Not only can they potentially save 25% of their usual operating costs, but companies also take advantage of a simpler hiring process.

With Recruit Global Talents, clients are assured of being matched with a highly qualified and trained engineer who will be listed as a private contractor.

According to recent studies, the usual retention rate for an employee in a single company is three years. This means that on average, a company has to find and train a new employee every 1,100 days. While that does not seem drastic, the cumulative costs of this are substantial; with experts suggesting that billions of dollars are spent each year training new employees.

Hiring abroad should be considered, says the global recruitment firm, especially for start-up companies who want a more cost-effective strategy for their internal processes. It speaks from personal experience: Its founder was struggling with hiring costs in his previous company until he decided to hire an engineer abroad.

Recruit Global Talent features a roster of vetted engineers from the MENA region. All its engineers speak English well, have American accents, and are highly motivated and sincere. The company’s engineering talent pool is deep, allowing it to serve a number of industries.

New clients are invited to schedule a discovery call with the team through their website for further clarification.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Recruit Global Talent is an employment placement organization specializing in talent search, development, and placement for mechanical, industrial, structural, and electrical engineers. We offer services to assist firms in identifying, retaining, and developing high potential and rising talents.”

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