USA Organic Non-GMO CBD Softgels And Full Spectrum Tinctures Launched

CBD Company The Divine Root launched its product line of organic, non-GMO CBD products. By utilizing full-spectrum hemp extracts the product line contains a plethora of beneficial cannabinoids.

The Divine Root, an organic CBD company, launched its full line of organic, non-GMO CBD products.

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The latest launch highlights the various CBD products that The Divine Root has to offer, with a special focus on the company’s use of organic, non-GMO hemp. The product line offers a variety of options for consumers, with all products containing minimal or zero THC.

One of the more popular products offered by the company are their full-spectrum CBD Tinctures (500/mg). The tinctures are made by combining clean hemp distillates sourced from organically grown hemp with organic MCT coconut oil. The tinctures contain an array of beneficial cannabinoids, as well as a custom terpene blend, in order to enhance effects and improve taste.

Another popular product offered by The Divine Root is their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Softgels (25/mg). Containing less than .3% THC, these gels contain a wide variety of valuable cannabinoids and are designed to maximize bio-availability.

The CBD offered by The Divine Root is derived from organic, non-GMO hemp plants. By using only high quality organic hemp that contains a plethora of cannabinoids, the company is able to offer a product line that maximizes the desired effects of CBD.

The Divine Root also offers a CBD Bath Bomb 100mg Eucalyptus. Containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids and many natural oils (such as eucalyptus and grape seed oil), these bath bombs offer relaxation and the benefit of smooth skin.

For customers who prefer CBD in edible gummy form, The Divine Root also offers THC-Free Vegan CBD Gummies 25mg. These products are all natural, with coloring and flavoring being derived from fruits and vegetables. The gummies contain CBD and CBG, and have zero THC.

The company also offers hemp flower, in the form of their Abacus CBD Hemp Flower 1/8th oz. This particular strain is new on the market, and offers high quality effects. With appealing colors and texture, as well as 20% CBD and almost 25% total cannabinoids, the Abacus CBD Hemp Flower is a rare hemp strain with a robust cannabinoid profile.

The Divine Root was founded by Scott Hastings and Matthew Cutrupi, based on a common passion for high quality CBD. When compared to their competitors, The Divine Root provides a product of unrivaled quality, with a focus on organic and non-GMO hemp.

A representative from the company said: “All of The Divine Root’s hemp is grown and sourced legally in the United States, and all of our CBD and hemp oil product batches are meticulously tested for quality, safety, cannabinoid and terpene content.”

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