USA Mental Health Practice Management Software Telehealth Booking System Launch

Practice management software developer Power Diary has launched a range of updates, tailored specifically to fit the needs of US-based mental health clinics.

A number of additional features have been added, including telehealth appointments, enhanced calendar management, online bookings, payments and invoicing, and a clinical notes portal. The aim is to eliminate the need for multiple practice management systems.

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Restrictions imposed during the pandemic led to the widespread adoption of remote medical consultations, and the mental health field was no exception. With its most recent enhancements, Power Diary provides clinics with an all-in-one solution that takes account of the latest technological changes.

The use of practice management software (PMS) is not new to mental health clinics. However, many practices are running multiple legacy systems that overlap, causing inefficiency. With the benefits of current software development, it is now the case that most of those older solutions can be replaced by a single platform.

As an example, most clinics were not prepared for the new patient management demands experienced during the pandemic. This led to rapid adoption of telehealth solutions that have minimal, if any, integration with existing software suites. With its latest updates, Power Diary incorporates these new requirements, as well as providing scope for future additions.

The integration of telehealth functionality with other elements of the practice is designed to streamline staff workflows. Clinicians and administrative personal can now readily access patient notes, bookings, and documents from a single database. If needed, this can occur during a consultation, making it easier to understand a patient’s history.

About Power Diary

Now used in over 23 countries, Power Diary was developed by clinicians for clinicians. The unique approach has led to its adoption across a wide range of disciplines, including chiropractors, counsellors, speech therapists, naturopaths, and occupational therapists. Ongoing innovations will ensure that the systems continue to serve medical practices as new technologies come online.

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One psychology practice stated: “Power Diary is absolutely central to the smooth running of our business. We’ve found it to be a one-stop shop for managing calendars, invoicing, book-keeping, and creating paperless client records. The support we’ve received when we’ve had a question about Power Diary has been outstanding.”

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