USA Mental Health Crisis Hotline – Trauma-Informed Substance Rehab Center Launch

Trauma-informed care center, Utah Addiction Centers (801-766-2233) announces its nationwide mental health crisis hotline for those who may be entertaining suicidal ideations. The service is meant for veterans suffering from PTSD or recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction.

As more studies note the rising cases of people contemplating suicide due to a mental illness, Utah Addiction Centers launches a nationwide mental health campaign to include a 24/7 immediate crisis hotline. Patients will be connected to a trained mental health professional who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma and substance abuse.

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The newly established service affirms the commitment of the drug recovery center to support US military veterans, emergency responders, and those recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction with their mental health. Serving under its mission to offer high-quality recovery programs built on mental health, the group explains that patients must first find healing within themselves before any treatment can be effective.

The crisis helpline addresses a growing need for compassionate and immediate care for those contemplating suicide. According to the latest statistics, around half of military veterans suffer from some type of PTSD, with a current approximate suicide rate of 25 per day. Experts have noted that these numbers are not limited to military veterans, but to other emergency responders as well such as law enforcement, correctional officers, and firefighters. Further details can be found at

Studies have noted that many individuals contemplating suicide often display clear signs of distress before attempting the act. This includes giving or selling personal items, withdrawing from society, and fixing life insurance policies. Families who notice these signs in their loved ones are encouraged to immediately speak to a mental health professional.

Utah Addiction Centers launched its mental health crisis helpline to provide immediate assistance to families who notice disturbing signs in their loved ones. After speaking to the patient, families can bring them to the center for residential trauma-informed care treatment. There, patients will participate in a personalized intensive treatment plan.

Depending on the severity and needs of the patient, the group offers individual outpatient therapy, day treatment, and residential treatment. Weekly aftercare groups and family therapy are also available.

The center also offers programs for substance abuse recovery.

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