USA Industry Specific Talent Recruitment Staffing Remote Workers Service Launch

A newly updated recruitment service and outbound lead generation solution has been launched by NMAP CORP. They help clients to find their ideal candidate for job vacancies across the US.

NMAP CORP have launched an updated talent recruitment package for clients across the US, with 24-hour service powered by their offices across the USA, India and Manila. They have a strong history of recruitment and provide the best connection between candidates and employers with tools to staff any position.

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NMAP CORP are highly experienced in the field and have expanded their focus to include application services and remote workforce enablement. They have developed a team and the tools required to staff any type of position.

Part of their vision is to help clients across the world to connect with their dream job. They look forward to taking on new challenges with this service update, meeting new people and fulfilling more careers.

NMAP improves business performance and turns risks into opportunity. They can help clients to develop strategies to enhance business value through outbound lead generation, remote worker hiring solutions, call center outsourcing and compliance consulting.

The recruitment specialist connects businesses with the right candidate even when they are across the world. Through cutting-edge technology, they can provide interview and hiring solutions that make it feel like working with a neighbor.

As an end-to-end recruitment specialist and consulting provider, NMAP CORP are passionate about improving their client’s hiring processes. They operate as a one-stop-shop for any staffing needs.

They give service solutions and systems development from post production support to enterprise resource planning. They can help clients of all sizes, right up to a global scale with focused service.

They state: “NMAP CORP remains committed to ethical practices within the staffing industry which includes submitting candidates to open positions only with prior qualification or approval, adhering all rate cards, at or under the agreed rates, and maintaining full transparency that includes optional metrics reporting.”

Their outbound marketing service includes the creation of an ideal client profile, automated appointment booking, and a full digital sales strategy. They only charge when a lead is converted into a meeting.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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