USA Germ Anti-Bacterial Virus Protection Patch Launched

US Saviors recently launched SAVIOR Patch, a new portable air purifier. The sticker-like patch is ideal for convenient protection from germs, bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles in the air.

US Saviors announced the launch of the SAVIOR Patch, a new anti-bacterial and anti-virus patch for customers throughout the United States. The new patch helps to protect up to 99% from germs, bacteria and viruses within 6 feet radius, and for 30 days.

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Amidst the global health crisis, it is particularly important to keep the surfaces in one’s home clean and sanitized, The newly launched sticker-like patch at US Saviors is a simple and effective solution to cleaning the air and helping to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses.

With the current pandemic, many are looking for an effective air purifier that can help combat airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Portable air purifiers may be particularly helpful to reduce airborne contaminants without compromising indoor comfort, temperature or humidity.

The chlorine dioxide contained in the new SAVIOR Patch instantly neutralizes and helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles in the air, ensuring maximum protection. Chlorine dioxide has an excellent sterilization, deodorization and sterilization effect due to its strong oxidation property.

The SAVIOR Patch can be attached anywhere, including to the back of one’s mobile phone, the dashboard of the car, bathroom mirrors, laptops, and many more. Users can simply remove the anti-bacterial patch from its silver pouch and press it firmly to a clean surface.

Once the aluminum package is open, the patch instantly reacts to harmful agents in the air and restrains the multiplication of bacteria, germs and viruses.

This new technology has been tested by Korea Conformity Laboratories, South Korea’s prestigious government science lab and certification agency, and the result showed it helps to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and other harmful particles.

According to the official website of US Saviors, “While you can easily clean surfaces with anti-bacterial cleaners and reduce your risk of catching a virus, there’s little that can be done with your air. While a good air filter is beneficial, it isn’t as effective as our air purifier patch.”

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