USA Foldable Rowing Machines 8 Level Resistance Bluetooth Gym Accessories

Maximize Wellness, available on +1-437-216-744, launch expanded wellness, health, fitness and nutrition products and services.

Maximize Wellness, an online health and fitness store, have launched an expanded range of products and services to the U.S marketplace. The store’s latest launch offers essential gym accessories, fitness equipment and natural nutrition expertise to its growing community of customers.

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The launch sees Maximize Wellness continue to grow their diverse range of products, providing wide ranging expertise in everything from rowing machines and barbell systems to vitamins and protein powders. The rowing machines include foldable machines, with 8 level resistance and a model integrated with Bluetooth.

The company seeks to empower its customers to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle through extensive product research and educational resources.

The wellness industry is growing year-on-year, with more and more people rediscovering the need for a balanced, health conscious approach to living. The launch sees Maximize Wellness expand their uniquely curated range of wellness products and services, seeking to enable customers to stay physically active, improve their psychological wellbeing and achieve goals.

The store’s latest announcement details new products from household names as well as lesser known manufacturers, all stamped with the Maximize Wellness seal of approval. Visitors to the website can take advantage of daily offers as well as a fast shipping guarantee.

In addition to the online store, Maximize Wellness curate a constant stream of wellness related content through their newsletter, Facebook and Instagram. Subscribers can enjoy daily updates, educational articles, and information on the latest deals and products. The company also maintain close links with a host of other health specialists, including HealthLabs, Axle Workouts and Brickhouse Nutrition.

Maximize Wellness is an online health store serving the U.S marketplace, dedicated to customer satisfaction and empowerment in achieving optimal health and fitness. The company provide diversity and accessibility to an expanding wellness industry, bringing a reputation for expertly curated product ranges and friendly, efficient customer service.

According to the Maximize Wellness website, “We believe that wellness is one of the most essential parts of achieving a balanced and happy life. We have done the research, taking out the guesswork that so many are faced with when exploring wellness options.”

Through the launch Maximize Wellness continue to pioneer affordable and wide-ranging health and fitness products across the U.S. For more information visit

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