USA Custom Home Shooting Range And Backstop Design Installation Launched

Spire Ranges has updated its custom indoor residential shooting range installation for US customers. The team uses military-grade equipment and can tailor the installation for private use, competition training, and skill development.

The latest service includes retrievers, electric turners, runners, and touch-screen control panels to provide additional customization options. Steel and rubber bullet traps are also available depending on the needs of the customer.

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By continually innovating its design approaches, Spire Ranges offers cutting-edge targeting technology and the latest equipment for home firing range installation. Each design is fully customizable, and the experienced team can facilitate special requests for both professional and recreational pursuits.

The service includes residential backstops to contain spent lead and prevent ricochets.

Each installation will feature the Spire Ranges Operating System, SpireOS, which is accessed through a simple touchscreen interface. This facilitates easier communication with the range and allows for a wider range of training activities to be created and managed. Users and their guests can experience interactive shooting events that train their hand-eye coordination.

SpireOS features a variety of pre-loaded qualification courses and activities for individuals and groups. Each customized range can be entered into the system so that every aspect can be managed and tracked on the control panel. Customers can adjust the SpireOS panel as required with additional features and customizable options.

Spire Ranges offers fully tailored designs giving customers additional flexibility when creating their residential shooting range. Once installed, an on-site maintenance service is available year-round to maintain efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

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Spire Ranges has years of experience in dealing with professional, commercial, and private range installation. They offer a full selection of automated target systems, and every product has been tested by the in-house team for operational quality.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our commercial and recreational shooting ranges combine safety and dependability with fun engagement. We build ranges that your customers will feel secure visiting; they’ll want to return often.”

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