USA Commercial Shooting Range Design Station Ergonomic Accessories Launched

A new collection of commercial indoor shooting range and outdoor firing tech solutions has been launched by Spire Ranges. The Springville specialist prides itself on high quality products and expert service.

Spire Ranges, based in the US, has launched a new collection of commercial range tech solutions for indoor range stations. Their focus is on providing professional ranges with the highest quality tech and accessories.

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The newly launched range technology has been released to meet demand in the current social situation. With the impact of the pandemic still being felt across America, more families are seeking to improve and develop their accuracy and skills.

Commercial ranges looking to improve their indoor shooting range and outdoor shooting range setups will find a wide variety of options to choose from with Spire Ranges. Their quality products have been used by military and government agencies for years, and now are available to any commercial range setup.

Spire Ranges provides pro-grade tech and accessories for the highest levels of training efficiency. Every product has been built with purpose, and customers can buy in the knowledge that they are used to train first responders.

As part of their commitment to the highest quality, each product is meticulously designed and exhaustively tested. The live fire training equipment is now available for any organization and facility. Ranges seeking to move forward with the latest innovative designs will be able to upgrade and enhance their product offering.

At the forefront of all their products is a focus on sleek, ergonomic design. Intended to be functional while meeting customer need, they offer cutting-edge targeting solutions, bullet containment facilities, custom shooting stalls, and sleek controls.

Their leading targeting system has been designed together with Tom Mandy, an industry expert with decades of experience. Options include Command Urban, Command Recon, Command Fury, Command Bridger, Command Stryker, and Command Treadwell.

Command Urban is a cable-driven solution with superior design, while other options feature 360-degree turning and multiple firing lines. Multi-speed modes are available with Command Treadwell, alongside paired cross presentation.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our customers are often the heroes who make our world, countries and communities safer. To ensure they have the best training facilities, we purposefully design and thoroughly test every Spire product for them.”

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