USA Business Telephone Bill Reduction Contactless Cost Saving Service Launched

A new service has been launched to help companies cut the cost of their traditional analog phone bills. Technology Source is a wholesale technology advisory firm with offices around the world.

Technology Source, a wholesale technology advisory firm based in California with offices around the world, has launched a new contactless service aimed at commercial business owners in USA and Canada. It is designed to help people reduce the cost of their legacy telephone service bills.

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The new service has been launched in a bid to help business owners beat year-on-year price hikes for the same legacy service. The contactless cost saving opportunity is available to businesses of all sizes and can reduce the cost of traditional analog lines and telephone billing.

Over the past 20 years, since the rise of fiber optic, T1, and VoIP services, major phone companies have been steadily raising the prices of basic analog phone services in a bid to move customers away from the legacy platform.

This is because analog phone services use copper lines to connect the service location and the phone company, and they no longer want to use and maintain these lines. Many businesses are retaining the traditional phone service because it runs without the need for electricity, which is also essential for elevator and alarm lines.

What businesses may be unaware of is the fact there are wholesale aggregators of these services that operate nationwide across the US and Canada. Businesses can easily switch their billing to one of the many wholesale options available and instantly save money each month and year.

Instead of the phone company billing the company directly, they bill the wholesaler at a significantly discounted rate, which is then passed on to the company. Technology Source is a wholesale technology advisory firm that is currently helping businesses in the US and Canada to save money through its sourcing-as-a-service option.

A company spokesperson said: “During a time when cost savings are more important than ever, companies of all sizes are realizing their analog phone service or measured business lines aggregation could be done remotely. Technology Source is helping companies to quickly and easily do this with its free sourcing-as-a-service platform.”

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